Terms And Conditions

1.0 Introduction
www.Oorkuruwi.com provides shopping, shipping, and package consolidation services from India to global destinations. Upon signing up, you’ll receive an Indian Address and Locker Number to receive packages. When a package arrives for you, Oorkuruwi notifies you and displays it on your account page. Once you’ve chosen a shipper and utilized additional services like photos, returns, extended storage, and consolidation, we’ll forward the package to your home country based on your instructions. You pay for services and shipping charges vary with your chosen shipper. Free returns within India are available based on the seller’s return policy.

2.0 User Agreement:
This User Agreement is a legal contract between you (referred to as ‘User’) and
www.Oorkuruwi.com (referred to as ‘Oorkuruwi’). Oorkuruwi provides various services, collectively referred to as “Services” By using this site or opening an account, you agree not to use the site or services for any unlawful, immoral, or prohibited purposes.
The Agreement supplements the terms and conditions of the Services on the site. If you disagree with these terms, do not use Oorkuruwi.com.

Oorkuruwi may amend this Agreement, and such changes are effective upon posting on the site. Continued use after changes implies acceptance. Read the terms carefully; if you don”t agree, do not use the site. By using the site, you confirm being at least 18 years old.

You agree not to harm Oorkuruwi or users, impersonate others, violate copyrights, laws, or privacy rights, provide false information, disrupt services, collect personal data, or upload malicious content.

3.0 Our Site
3.1 Copyrights
All content on Oorkuruwi.com, including design, text, graphics, and arrangements, is either copyrighted by Oorkuruwi or owned by third parties with intellectual property rights. If you think any content infringes your copyright, email a notice to
contactoorkuruwi@gmail.com Oorkuruwi.com will take necessary action, including removing the challenged content, upon receipt of the notice.

3.2 Registration
Before using the Services, create an Oorkuruwi Account by providing accurate and complete information on the Oorkuruwi Account Set Up form. Keep this information up-to-date. Providing false or incomplete information gives

Oorkuruwi the right to suspend or terminate your access and refuse use of the Site and Services.

3.3 Fraud Prevention
Oorkuruwi is committed to preventing fraud. We use third-party tools and industry standards to safeguard your account information. Our methods and tools are regularly updated. Ensure that
items sent to our facilities are purchased and fully paid for by you. If fraud is suspected, we reserve the right to delay shipment until the seller verifies the transaction, as determined by us.Report suspected fraud to contactoorkuruwi@gmail.com.

4.0 Our Services
4.1 Packages:
Most Oorkuruwi customers use our services for packages, not letters or magazines. If you need to forward letters or magazines, make a special request. We don’t forward government IDs, credit cards, gift cards, or sim cards.

4.2 Addresses:
Correctly address each package with your name and Oorkuruwi Lockernumber. If
there’s an incorrect or incomplete address, we’ll try to determine the owner. If we can’t, the package may be disposed of at our discretion.

4.3 Storage:
We store packages for up to 20 days for free while waiting for fees and additional packages. You can extend storage for a fee, or the parcel may be considered abandoned.

4.4 Abandoned Packages: Unclaimed packages will be disposed of.

4.5 Package Refusal/Return:
We can’t refuse packages from carriers. Packages can be returned to vendors via
Return Request, which is free.

4.6 Oversized Packages:
Packages exceeding carrier limits may be divided, reduced, disposed of, or returned. Maximum weight is 70kg, and dimensions should not exceed 120cm x 80cm x 80cm.

4.7 Photographs:
Upon request, we’ll open and photograph package contents for your confirmation before Return Service.

4.8 Consolidation:
We”re not responsible for missing items in consolidated packages without proof.
Request photos before consolidation.

4.9 Operations Timelines:
Processes take 24-48 hours each. Inbound: parcel delivery. Consolidation: request consolidation. Dispatch: pay shipping charge. Operations hours: Mon-Fri 10AM-9PMIST/CST.

5.0 Additional Services
5.1 Personal Shopper: Oorkuruwi can help you buy products from any store in India. We’re not responsible for product quality, warranties, delivery issues, or backup orders. If the order is canceled by the vendor or products aren’t received, a full refund is given.
Cancellations after ordering are not possible, but packages can be returned to vendors via Return Request for free.
5.2 Package Service: Customers must ensure proper packaging, provide item lists, and may opt for package insurance. Oorkuruwi isn’t liable for damages once the third-party courier picks up the package. Video proof of package opening is available upon request.

(A) Your Obligations: Customers must accurately describe and document each
shipment, indemnify against charges, penalties, and taxes, and not send banned or illegal items.

(B) Limited Liability: Maximum liability for damage, loss, or theft during transit is INR 5,000 or the actual product value, whichever is lower.

5.3 Tailoring: Customers receive a tailoring agreement. It’s their responsibility to ensure accurate measurements, design, and specifications. Refunds are considered case by case if the output doesn’t match the agreement. Tailoring is subjective, and no refunds are provided based on personal preferences.

5.4 Custom Services: Oorkuruwi is available for all your shopping needs from India.

6.0 Customer Responsibilities

6.1 Import And Export Documentation: Customers must follow regulations for their shipments, including customs requirements of the destination country. Oorkuruwi doesn’t guarantee delivery for packages not complying with Indian export or destination import regulations. Customers are responsible for customs declarations, duties, and accuracy of information.

6.2 Shipping: Oorkuruwi uses couriers like DHL. Customers must ensure shipping compliance, and shipping costs are based on weight and dimensions. Oorkuruwi isn’t responsible for customs charges or delays. Prohibited items should not be shipped. Customers handle return shipment charges.
6.3 Billing Problems: Review all charges; report discrepancies within 30 days. No charges are refundable after 30 days.

6.4 Other Rules: Comply with laws; don’t harvest personal data. Oorkuruwi may monitor for compliance. No automated means allowed without written agreement.

6.5 Oorkuruwi Liability: Oorkuruwi’s liability is limited to its fees. Customers indemnify Oorkuruwi for third-party claims. Oorkuruwi is not responsible for errors due to false

6.6 Problems With Delivery To The Oorkuruwi Facility: Customers confirm received
packages match orders; report shipping errors promptly.

6.7 Damaged, Missing And Lost Packages: File claims for lost or damaged packages
within 10 days. Insurance covers lost items based on product value. Oorkuruwi is not responsible for theft from the doorstep.

6.8 Delays: Oorkuruwi may experience delays in locating packages; no additional compensation is provided. Compensations are made for incorrect address shipping.

6.9 Termination: Oorkuruwi may terminate access without notice for various reasons. Customers can cancel their account at any time. Oorkuruwi is not liable for discontinuation or termination consequences.

7.0 Insurance, Refund And Cancellation Policy
Membership fees and shipping charges are non-refundable. Oorkuruwi’s liability for each shipment is limited by international conventions or national transport laws. Customers can declare a higher value for their shipment and opt for Shipment Value Protection or arrange their own insurance. Shipment Protection Insurance is available, but it doesn’t cover indirect loss, damage, or delays. Some countries are excluded from the Shipment Protection Insurance program.

7.1 Oorkuruwi Return Service: Oorkuruwi facilitates returns on behalf of customers, but it doesn’t control seller return policies. Returns can be initiated only if the goods haven’t been shipped to the customer’s address. Customers are responsible for return
expenses if the product is returned after delivery.

7.2 Seller Return Policy: Customers should check the seller’s return policy before requesting return service. Some sellers may charge additional costs for returns, and customers are responsible for these costs.

7.3 Refund(s): Oorkuruwi offers two refund options: holding the refund for future purchases or providing a refund in the customer’s local currency after applying currency exchange rates and fees. Certain costs, such as currency conversion fees and credit card transaction fees, cannot be refunded.

7.4 Items that cannot be returned after purchase: If items are not returnable, Oorkuruwi can assist customers with options like shipping to a local India address at an additional cost, donating the items, or discarding them with the customer’s written permission. Oorkuruwi cannot provide refunds on behalf of sellers if returns are not accepted.

7.5 Cancellations: Order cancellation processes and costs vary based on the seller’s cancellation policy. If a cancellation request is made after payment but before the order is initiated, the payment will be refunded with certain deducted costs. If a cancellation request is made after payment and the order is initiated, the refund process depends on whether the seller accepts or rejects the cancellation request.

8.0 Miscellaneous
8.1 Indemnity: By using Oorkuruwi.com, you agree to protect Oorkuruwi, its officers, agents, partners, and employees from claims or damage made by third parties due to your content submissions, use of Oorkuruwi.com, violation of the User Agreement, or violation of other’s rights. This includes covering reasonable lawyer’s fees.

8.2 Release: In case of disputes with Oorkuruwi.com users, you release Oorkuruwi from past, present, and future claims, actions, losses, and liabilities related to such disputes.

8.3 Governing Law: Before taking legal action related to Oorkuruwi websites, you mustprovide a detailed description of your claim and negotiate with Oorkuruwi for at least 30 days. The Website Terms are governed by Indian law, with disputes subject to the
exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Hyderabad, Telangana.

8.4 Entire Agreement: The Agreement and Privacy Policy together constitute the entire Agreement, superseding any other oral or written understandings between you and

8.5 Disclaimer of Warranties: Oorkuruwi.com and its services are provided “as is,” without warranties of merchantability, fitness, or continuous availability. Oorkuruwi is not responsible for third-party websites, and your use of them is at your own risk. Oorkuruwi disclaims liability for dealings with merchants or advertisers on its site.

8.6 Force Majeure: Oorkuruwi is not liable for delays or failures due to events beyond its control, such as natural disasters, strikes, or acts of God.

8.7 Severability: If any provision of this Agreement is deemed invalid, the remaining provisions will still be effective to the maximum extent permitted by law.

8.8 No Waiver: Any waiver of a provision in this Agreement is effective only if in writing and signed by Oorkuruwi.